Summer is here across the country and if you’ve found yourself unprepared for warmer weather, as your J.Hilburn stylist, I’m here to help you catch up and get your summer wardrobe set. Right now, many of our spring and summer styles are on sale, including shorts, shirts, and more. If you’re looking for clothes for the boardroom, the 18th hole, or an outdoor wedding, we can find exactly what you need and get it custom fit to match your needs and your style.

This week, let’s start with the basics of your summer wardrobe: shorts and short-sleeved shirts. No matter where you live, these are a staple in your closet throughout the summer. If you haven’t already, it’s time to review what’s in your closet and get rid of anything faded, torn, ill-fitting, or discolored. Then, refresh your look with new pieces that will increase your style and confidence with ease.

The Bottoms

I like to start bottom up, ensuring the foundation is solid and then building from there. Shorts can be worn more than once before washing, so you need fewer of them than shirts. Therefore, ensuring you have a strong collection of shorts will make choosing your shirts, simple and quick, with the promise of spot-on style.

If you’re looking for a more European- or Hamptons-esque look, we have the J.Hilburn chambray or cotton short in several colors including light pastels, classic reds, blues, and greys. These are shorter than you may be used to and end at or above the knee. They are also a slightly slimmer cut than the Americano look (see below). Don’t be intimidated, as your J.Hilburn stylist we can determine if these are right for your style and your look.


If you prefer a longer short, J.Hilburn offers an Americano style short that will be perfect for your summer activities. This short comes in three colors, Brown, Berry, and Blue, designed to easily match with what you already have in your closet, and any new pieces you pick up this year or next.

Even longer?

If you’re more of a long pants guy, there’s no reason to stick to your thick winter fabrics or to wear only jeans all summer. J.Hilburn can get you fitted for a new pair of chinos in a variety of fit styles. Like all J.Hilburn products, we take accurate measurements to fit your needs so these will be ready to wear when they arrive at your doorstep.

The Tops

Now, to top off your summer basics, you’ll need to look at your shirt collection and determine what you need. Not sure? As your personal J.Hilburn stylist, I’m happy to help you determine where there are holes in your wardrobe, literally and figuratively!

Long sleeves are still wearable in the summer, as long as you are wearing the right type of fabric. Linen is always a great go-to for summer shirts. It is light, comfortable, and a classic summer look. Plus, if you’re headed out to something casual, a long-sleeve linen shirt is the ideal intersection of style and relaxation.

Non-linen shirts with a casual vibe can also be a good pairing with shorts or chinos. And these are a good option to dress up or down a look. Choosing light colors means you can wear the shirts throughout the year as layering pieces.

If you’re in need of some new short-sleeves, J.Hilburn offers fitted polos, and at a great price. J.Hilburn offers polos with extensive customization options or shirts that are designed to be ready to wear as they are. Slim fit polos are designed for ease of wear and movement, whether swinging the golf club or grilling at the summer barbecue. They are slimmer through the body and chest to give you a more refined casual look.

Or business casual polos…

If you’re in need of a more formal polo, we offer Italian knit polos in greys and blues. These are designed to be worn either in the boardroom or the on the golf course. With customization options for the sleeves and placket, I will work with you to design the shirt that works in your wardrobe. What to wear to that business casual picnic or golf meeting is covered by these comfortable options.

Ready to reach out?

That should complete your casual and semi-causal summer wardrobe needs. But if there is something you need that we haven’t covered, I’m here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in what to wear for a summer wedding or to update your summer work wardrobe, I can help with that as well. Please reach out to me to schedule a call or in-person meeting so we can discuss your needs and set up a time to get you fitted for your first order of personalized J.Hilburn clothes. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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