Look effortlessly sharp every day of the week, in J.Hilburn.

How to Look Effortlessly Sharp Every Day of the Week

You know that guy who looks great every day at the office and he still knows just what to wear to the kid’s soccer games or guy’s poker night? How does he do it? Is there an easy way to look great without the hassle? The answer is yes. There are simple ways to look great without the hassle, stress, or uncertainty. Let’s go over the important components to creating a wardrobe that will make you feel confident and well-dressed—every day of the week.

Develop a “uniform”

What do you feel great wearing? If that happens to be button down shirts, or polos, or sweaters, figure out what your go-to item is in your closet. Then, make sure you have the best-fitting, most versatile options in that item. Once you’re stocked up, you will always know that you have a backup plan when you don’t know what to wear or are in a hurry. Plus, with variety, this is a look you can wear multiple times a week without your wardrobe appearing repetitive or dull. We’ll develop a personally fit set for you. You can’t go wrong with a look that has been fitted specifically to you.

Create a signature

Your personal style is as unique as your signature and you should be showing it off. Think about the people who you think are dressed really well. Is there something they always wear that takes their everyday look up a notch? Do you have something that you love to wear that can be transformed into your signature look? Maybe it is a specific watch, tie, fun pairs of socks, or even a preference for colors and prints. Every guy has a signature. Work with me to help incorporate your signature into your looks.

Take shortcuts

Looking great doesn’t need to take a lot of time. You have more important things to do. One of the ways to create shortcuts is to build your wardrobe in a way so you always have options for matching. You don’t want to own a shirt that only goes with one pair of pants (unless it is for a very special occasion). Work with me to find the colors that look great with your coloring, match your personal preferences, and can be easily paired together. When you shop, you shouldn’t be creating a whole new outfit, but instead determining how to build your current wardrobe to offer you more options, or to fill a specific need. Then, once I know your personal style, your size, and your wardrobe, I can cover all the shopping for you by suggesting options by sorting through the new arrivals each season.

If you don’t have a J.Hilburn stylist already,

feel free to reach out to me for more advice. I would be happy to help you with any of the steps above or even meet for a consultation. Soon you will be that guy that always knows exactly what to wear, every day of the week.

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