Hello and welcome! I’m Annette Dresser, Personal Stylist and Executive Partner with J.Hilburn. J.Hilburn is the only custom lifestyle brand in the US. This business—styling men and recruiting and mentoring other stylists throughout the country—is a perfect complement to my life. I make shopping enjoyable, convenient, and hassle-free. I work with my clients as a wardrobe advisor to create a wardrobe that works in their professional, formal, social, and casual life. My goal is to always make my clients look and feel their best and have everything in their wardrobe work together. Our styling and personalization options give each client a personal look and personal fit. My service and the J.Hilburn brand come together and create what I refer to as  the “Annette Dresser experience.” It is an experience that cannot be replicated in-store or online with your average retailer. I look forward to meeting you and for you to experience my passion for my clients and for this business.


Born and raised in Seattle, I was fortunate to find my passion early in life and, as a result, I know a great deal about luxury clothing brands and what goes into them. I’ve been in the fashion industry almost my whole life, starting full-time at Nordstrom right after college. Shopping is a creative hunt and I like to be an influencer with new trends. It’s part of my DNA. I was a customer service “All-Star” my first year, then became a Buyer, a Store Manager, and finally, a Vice President for Nordstrom, opening stores throughout the country and traveling throughout LA, NYC, Europe and Asia for many years. I’ve seen what goes into making quality and successful brands and I’m here to tell you, J.Hilburn has done just that. I bring the same complete experience and service-level I learned at Nordstrom to my clients with the quality and value of THE J.Hilburn lifestyle brand.

J.Hilburn has given me the opportunity and challenge to build my own stylist business in menswear. It is personally rewarding to have extremely satisfied clients and to watch my J.Hilburn business grow to the Executive Partner level. I have a renewed purpose and balance in my life. At one point in my career, I decided to stay home and take care of my boys and become very involved in my community. I feel it is very important to give back and support the community. Today my boys are grown, one has recently graduated from UCLA, and one is soon to start college. Now, instead of choosing to be home with the boys or working full time, I’ve established a business that works alongside the important things in my life with flexibility and independence.

We are an avid sports family that enjoys playing and watching tennis, pickle, paddle, golf, skiing, basketball, and football. I’ve played tennis my whole life, and was recruited for a Division One Tennis scholarship at UC Santa Barbara. I love to play golf, ski, and shop. And of course, we’re big Seattle Seahawks, University of Washington Huskies, and UCLA Bruins fans.

Did I mention I love to travel? Everywhere in the world for fashion, sports, and music. I love any great music venue or piano bar. All of this adds up to a full life of great experiences both working hard and playing hard. I believe this adds value to my clients because I know where they are going, what they will be doing, and what they’ll need to always be dressed appropriately.

Finding J.Hilburn

They say there are no coincidences. Traveling to a wedding in Southern California, I was upgraded to first class at the last minute and reconnected with an old friend, Debra Juarez. As we started talking and sharing what we were up to, Debra said she had just gone through training with a company called J.Hilburn. Recognizing my passion and skill for business and fashion, Debra asked me to join her styling men AT J.Hilburn. An opportunity to own my own business, on my terms, in luxury menswear piqued my interest, to say the least. Without overthinking it, I went through training the following Saturday. Later on, other leaders within J.Hilburn, including now friends, Julie Mallat and Christine Mattson, called me because my name was on the monthly leader board. Since then, we have connected and been working together to grow our businesses.

My Team

We know this: men don’t like to shop, but they like to look good. Men also want the best product for their money. That’s what we do. We make a man look his best without having to shop and while saving him money and time.

As an Executive Partner at J.Hilburn, I have personally brought many, many women into J.Hilburn. As a part of my skilled sales network, you can become an Independent Personal Stylist representing J.Hilburn and receive excellent support and training to help you succeed including personal mentorship and exceptional training programs from J.Hilburn corporate. We are the essential link between the customer and J.Hilburn. I’ll show you how to build trusted relationships with your own clients, which is something department stores and other online shopping sites cannot duplicate.

Even part time, this is a great way to earn some extra income. Work as hard as you want, or as little as you want, and maintain your flexibility and independence while offering clients access to a complete lifestyle brand.

My Invitation

If you’re a guy in need of a personal makeover, a wardrobe update, or just need a look for a special occasion, I’m here to recommend the perfect look and style for you from J.Hilburn. If you’re looking for a new full-time or part-time opportunity to express your creativity and help others define their personal style, then becoming a Stylist could be for you. The flexibility and freedom when you become an Independent Personal Stylist can be the perfect balance between a career and personal life. If you have a passion for being an entrepreneur, for quality menswear, and enjoy working closely with a variety of people, this could be an amazing opportunity to shape a new and exciting business. It takes time, but we can work together to make it great.

Guys, are you ready to take the next step with your personal style? I can meet you when and wherever is most convenient for you. Contact me to set up your first appointment. I am excited to speak with you and learn more about your lifestyle and wardrobe needs!